Industries we deliver to

You can combine data and creativity at any time and within any domain. However, domains require specialists who know the market inside out, specialists who live in and are at the forefront of developments in the domain. Our specialists know the sweet spots in marketing and sales in their industry of expertise and make sure you can really engage with your fans or customers.


Sport runs through our Techonomy veins. You can see that in everything, in our customer portfolio and in our people. In recent years we have already worked with more than 100 sports associations, football clubs, rights holders, brands, and commercial organizations. And we continue to grow our work in sport.

Sport has the power to build an unconditional emotional and unique bond with fans. Every fan is unique in their wants, needs and interests. Throughout the years we have perfected the art of building individual profiles from fan big data sets, so that your organization can get to know every fan personally and surprise all of them in a personalized way.



We live in a world where consumers receive more and more information every day and are triggered with sales messages almost every second, all within the same 24 hours that are in a day. It is therefore extremely important to be targeted, relevant and relationship-oriented in your communication. We help organizations of all sizes surprise their customers with digital experiences, content and campaigns. From a first acquaintance to engagement, and from engagement to conversion. Each customer asks for a unique approach.

We help you in building a digital strategy from scratch or working towards the best campaign results. Our specialists who have, for example, campaign experience at Google and Jumbo, have skills and knowledge about the most up to date digital solutions that are the best fit for your organization. We will work to solve your challenges and realize new growth opportunities together.


Esports & Gaming

With a large team of esports & gaming specialists, we provide campaigns that put a smile on the faces of gamers, esports fans, and other interested young people. The number of esports & gaming fans and players continues to increase exponentially. However, for a lot of organizations, this target group feels often unreachable. We help our customers to learn about the unique characteristics of the esports and gaming industry and take them into this world to discover how they can impress this generation. We have done such projects for government agencies such as the Dutch Police, provinces, and various municipalities and for teams such as football clubs PSV and VVV-Venlo, or brands such as Gamma and Rabobank that want to use esports/gaming in their marketing approach or brand strategy.

This content category requires a lot of knowledge about the structure and business models in the market and deep consumer insights about the target group. Based on that expertise, Techonomy team members also teach at various Universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia. We are also the initiator and organizer of EsportsX, the largest esports & gaming business conference in the Netherlands.



To become a sustainable and successful e-commerce company, it is key to have a conversion-enhancing strategy and implementation. We have a proven track record of increasing webshop conversion figures. In this domain we are currently working for brands like Saniweb, Team Jumbo-Visma, Sjef's Cuisine, and many more.

In c-commerce to be relevant to your customer is key. We ensure that you are where the consumer expects you to be. Our approach is to put ourselves in the shoes of your customer and develop the best possible experience across all relevant touchpoints. Whether it concerns marketplaces, your own webshop, social commerce, chatbots, e-mail, or other channels. Based on earlier results, our experts start to optimize the reach, improve the conversions, and improve loyalty.


B2B (Business-to-Business)

In recent years, the B2B market has entered a new phase. Many of our business interactions with customers and prospects have gone digital. Companies can now operate smarter by providing their sales teams with much deeper insights. Sales departments can improve their results by combining 'tech & talent' in the right way.

As specialists in the field of digital lead generation, we bring different areas of expertise together. Our team members have perfected skills and developed knowhow how to manage leads, place them in the right systems, score and convert them into sales. We believe that people are the key to success. Educating your teams and training your people is therefore always part of our unique approach.


Social responsibility activities

At Techonomy, we are not only focused on contributing to the various sectors outlined earlier, but also want to let our knowledge and experience benefit society at large. Data combined with creativity can accelerate the process of turning social initiatives into impactful results. Each social challenge has its own story and its own target groups. We help you to link social outcomes to target groups and build the best possible platform for engagement with the target population.

“Get to know the target audience and build a relationship” is key to success. We have been supporting social initiatives in sports, CSR (corporate social responsibility), elderly care, and in regard to sustainability for many years.