The magical theme park Toverland knows how to spellbind its visitors through personalised messages

The challenge

Since its opening in 2001, Toverland has been one of the fastest growing attraction parks in the Netherlands. Both the size of the theme park and the number of visitors have risen sharply in the last few years. In order to continue this growth and to keep (potential) visitors better and more personally informed we are helping Toverland to build up individual profiles.

Our approach

Toverland wants its visitors to experience magic moments in the attraction park. A carefree day out starts by having the right information to hand. Because Toverland is in contact with its visitors in so many different ways – from buying the ticket to merchandise, and from hospitality in the park to the website – it was decided to store all this data centrally. By using the software all the relevant information about (potential) visitors can be viewed through a single click of a button.

The added value of this automation process is to organise it into three categories: Service, Marketing and Business optimisation. Centralising the data means that Toverland:

  • can offer relevant information to visitors to the park;
  • can deploy the central profiles to attract more visitors and achieve more revenue;
  • can streamline internal processes.

One of the challenges that we tackled alongside Toverland was to improve the perception of the park. By sending visitors a customer satisfaction survey just after they finished their visit we can rapidly find out how they rate their experience. Thanks to the profile that was created, we can also offer the survey in the visitor's preferred language.

In order to further personalise the communication, some small improvements have been carried out. For example, mailings to young people use a different header than mailings to parents with kids. Using the profiles that were created we will in future also be able to send out personalised offers, with discounts on coffee for coffee lovers, or approach past visitors to proactively encourage them to return to Toverland. And the best thing of all: it works completely automatically.

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The various centralised data sources at Toverland are used to reactivate customers via automated campaigns so they return once more to the theme park.

The result

Thanks to the automation process and centralised data, Toverland is now in a position to switch on its reactivation campaigns whenever someone who visited the park in the past fails to make a return visit. In addition, we can use all the data from the ticket source to approach everyone who has bought an entry ticket but does not yet have a parking ticket, and encourage them to buy it now to avoid long queues at the ticket machines. The opportunities for more automation are almost endless. It all stands or falls with the centralisation of the data, and this key step has now been taken. It also means that the marketing department is increasingly living by the Toverland motto: Discover your own magic.


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