Personalisation as the key to improving customer experiences

The challenge

Saniweb is the largest online player in the world of sanitary ware. In order to keep this leading position and continue to improve the customer experience we started up an initiative in the area of personalisation.

Our approach

Taps, showers, toilets and tiles. At Saniweb you can find a more attractive bathroom for less. In order to help customers better in making the right choices, we deployed the BlueConic customer data platform. This software solution allows you to build up individual profiles of visitors based on data about their behaviour, combined with transactional and other data sources. Using an algorithm that we devised ourselves, based on purchasing and search behaviour, we offered very relevant and personalised recommendations the next time they visited the website. If a visitor showed interest in black taps, then that person will see the same taps again on their next visit and also a number of other, similar taps - in the same colour and the same price category.

saniweb ipad 1
Based on data about transactions and interests, we display the products of most interest, maximising the likelihood of a follow-on purchase.

The customer profiles

The customer profiles also enable Saniweb to present visitors with tailored content in social media or emails. If you buy a wall hung toilet the chances are that you will also need a concealed cistern. If you selected black as your preferred colour during an earlier visit, then you will see a black bathroom in adverts on social media. Due to the integration with BlueConic, the social media channels and the email automation tool, these processes have been automated.

By combining behavioural data, transactional data and other data, Saniweb can now help their customers more quickly find the products and articles they are looking for. By using BlueConic Saniweb has more influence on the various touchpoints during the customer's journey. Now that it is also integrated with the order system, BlueConic fits perfectly into Saniweb's ecosystem.

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The consumer is lured towards conversion at each stage of the customer journey through automated email campaigns.


In a short time, more than 1 million profiles have already been created in BlueConic. With the help of personalised content on the home page, Saniweb is able to direct customers with a profile to the right products and categories more rapidly. The number of customers who make a purchase, is in some cases more than 30% higher with a personalised recommendation than it is without any personalisation. In this way, Saniweb has once again taken a key step along the way to 100% customer satisfaction.

1 million

More than 1 million customer profiles


A 30% increase in the likelihood of a purchase, thanks to personalisation.

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