The digital customer journey of DMG's visitors


Working out which customers are currently at an information-gathering stage, and which customers are on the brink of purchasing a new kitchen or bathroom is of crucial importance to an organisation like DMG when deciding how to present their product range. That is why DMG knocked on our door in 2019, looking to work together to find out how we could get a clear view of the complete customer journey (from information gathering to after-sales) and as a result how we could ensure an increase in the conversion rate of this customer journey.


Om dit te kunnen bewerkstelligen ontwikkelde onze digitale experts samen met DMG een data gedreven strategie voor de vier keukenformules Keuken Kampioen, Brugman, Mandemakers en KeukenConcurrent. Met deze strategie waren we in staat om:

  • Zicht te krijgen op de volledige digitale klantreis
  • Relevant 1-op-1 te communiceren met de klanten via zowel offline als online kanalen 
  • Inzicht te verkrijgen in de impact van de digitale activiteiten op de omzet in de winkel

Om zicht te krijgen op deze digitale klantreis implementeerde we een Customer Data Platform op de websites van de vier keukenformules. Dit CDP meet continu uit welke stappen de klant digitaal onderneemt waarna een helder beeld van het online gedrag en de voorkeuren van de klanten ontstaat.   

In order to put this in place, our digital experts collaborated with DMG to develop a data-driven strategy for the four kitchen brands Keuken Kampioen, Brugman, Mandemakers and KeukenConcurrent. This strategy allowed us to:

  • Get a clear overview of the complete customer journey
  • Relevant 1-to-1 communication with the customers through both offline and online channels 
  • Gain insights into the impact of the digital activities on the in-store revenue

In order to get a clear overview of this digital customer journey, we implemented Customer Data Platform, BlueConic on the websites for the four kitchen brands. This CDP continuously measures which digital steps each customer takes, which leads us to gaining a clear picture of customers' online behaviour and preferences.

dmg phone 1
Potential Mandemakers customers who have not yet requested a free magazine are guided by smart personalised notifications to move into conversion. An increase of 57% conversions of website visitors to new leads compared to the original version.

360-degree customer profiles

By integrate this Customer Data Platform with the existing data sources at DMG we were able to build up a 360-degree customer profile of their customers. This meant, for example, we could see what their favourite type of kitchen was, in what time-frame someone was looking for a kitchen, their preferred DMG store location and what online content they had already viewed.

These two parts meant that DMG could communicate 1-to-1 with these people in a very relevant manner, which in turn has a positive effect on the likelihood of making an appointment in one of the shops.

Being able to spend the marketing budget smartly thanks to the data collected, DMG now also has much better feedback about the impact of advertising spend and can clearly see what its value is to the company's revenue.

phone mockup dmg 3
The 360-degree customer profiles from the Customer Data Platform are used, among other ways, in targeted social advertising campaigns to reach and tempt people to a conversion. By deploying these first party data profiles we were in a position to reduce the ad spend for campaigns by 46% using Facebook and Instagram.


The implementation of this digital strategy is also clearly reflected in the metrics we achieved in the last few years. For example, working jointly with DMG we developed a database with over 1 million 360-degree customer profiles. Thanks to the targeted spending of the advertising budget, the ad spend fell by 14%. And the conversion rate in the campaigns increased by 72%.

1 million

More than 1 million 360-degree customer profiles


Advertising budget reduced by 14%


Campaign conversions rose by 72%

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