Esports & gaming as an extension of the range of sports on offer


Make Brabant stronger through sport. That is BrabantSport's mission. For many years now, the organisation has become involved in a variety of sports events in Brabant to help foster the best sporting climate in the Netherlands. Because of an accelerating reduction in sport, young people are an important target group within this mission. As a result BrabantSport set itself a target of further increasing its interaction with young people and inspiring them to practise sports that were already on offer in this southern province. BrabantSport realised very quickly that esports & gaming had a role to play in this approach. It is an area of skills that is growing and is hugely popular with young people. The question was, where to start? Luckily, Techonomy has worked hard on the introduction and promotion of esports/gaming over the years, and we were happy to be able to work with BrabantSport to help tackle the challenge.

The solution

In order to integrate esports & gaming in the best possible way at BrabantSport, in the spring of 2021 we worked out a joint esports & gaming approach. The most important factor was that the approach had to ensure good reach and involvement, and initiate (sporting) activities by the target group of young people in the North Brabant region.

As experts in esports & gaming we known that gamers, just like sportsmen and -women, really only want one thing: to win! That is why we and BrabantSport jointly came up with the idea of organising the biggest game battles ever in North Brabant: BrabantBrawl. By involving influencers like Nasser el Jackson, Robbie van de Graaf, Mats and Ralf Seuntjens and Bassistentje, we challenged young people in North Brabant to take part. In the summer of 2021 gamers aged between 12 and 25 competed with each other in a mix of on- and offline challenges to win the crown of the best gamer in Brabant. These challenges revolved around the FIFA, Rocket League and FIFA Skill Games and Just Dance. The winners of each of the challenges were then invited to represent their town or city in the big finale at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park.



We and BrabantSport are proud to be able to look back at a great campaign with successful results. As stated above, the goal up-front was to reach out to young people in North Brabant, involve them and get them active, then build on this to introduce them to BrabantSport. With an online reach of nearly one million views and with 30,000 attendees at the Just Dance event in the centre of Eindhoven, many young people were able to experience this unique combination of gaming and physical sports which brought them into contact with BrabantSport. In addition, in order to comply with corona measures, just 500 participants was the maximum possible number that could take part and the 50 finalists had a wonderful experience at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park.

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Development of the entire approach and house style for the BrabantBrawl. Starting with a completely new website including logo, to providing inspiring videos and development of social advertising campaigns.

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