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An improved B2B leads and sales process for Visma Connect

The challenge

Visma Connect is the leading specialist in high-quality and secure information transmission, both in Europe and all around the world. To streamline the sales and leads processes with the goals of acquiring more high-quality leads and improving the sales processes, Visma Connect knocked on our door. Working through a number or steps together, we improved these processes, resulting in a clear increase in the number of trial accounts being opened.

The solution

Good preparation is half the battle. That is why we started by detecting the high-quality leads on the Visma Connect website using the Leadfeeder B2B identification application. We also used the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in order to send out personalised messages to potential customers.

The sales funnels were rebuilt, and a link was created to Hubspot, the sales CRM, which is at the core of centralising leads, contacts and organisations. We then also focussed on developing quality content, such as webinars, white papers and fact-sheets, on the hand in order to provide more information about Visma Connect's products, and on the other hand to gain better insight into the interests and needs of potential customers. Using focussed re-targeting campaigns, such as mailings and social media, we drew attention to different types of content. For example, multiple digital touchpoints were created to build up a relationship between Visma Connect and potential customers.

Finally, targeted automation flows were set up, so that leads were followed up with relevant content. By applying automated lead scoring rules we move from "cold" to "warm" leads. This way, we know for sure that the leads that are fed to the Visma Connect sales team are good quality, and the likelihood of success for the sales team is substantially increased.

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Thanks to this integrated approach and other factors – from creating the new conversion points, to identifying leads and having automated follow-up of them – Visma Connect has become one of the pioneers in the B2B-world in the area of marketing en sales. There are now 450 identified leads generated each month, of which over 250 request a trial account. An increase of nearly 91% compared to the old way of working. Altogether, the information flows between Visma Connect and its potential customers have been improved enormously!


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