Digital Marketing Course at Home

How professionals were able to pursue personal development digitally during Corona


With the arrival of Corona the whole of the Netherlands was required several times to stay at home at the drop of a hat. Physical meetings were rare, and contact with both colleagues and friends were reduced. But covid also offered us opportunities. It was a time that actually offered space to invest in your own knowledge and skills. Not physically through various meetings, but rather digitally.


In order to take advantage of this, we developed a unique online teaching programme: the Digital Marketing Course at Home. For €99 we created ten live lectures about 10 marketing topics that make a difference nowadays. Thanks to this course, the professionals who took part under our guidance, within just one month acquired key digital marketing skills that were directly applicable in the workplace. The online programme had an interactive format allowing participants to contact the lecturers and ask questions 24/7.



By the end, more than 650 participants successfully completed the course and received an official certificate. In a time of uncertainty, this meant the participants were making the best use of their circumstances and preparing themselves within a very short time period for the marketing challenges of tomorrow. The success of this example did not pass unnoticed, the course was in fact nominated for a Golden Giraffe in the Events Awards category. The Digital Marketing Course at Home still serves as a template for all of our Techonomy Education Courses.

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