The updated conversion strategy of CNV


At the beginning of 2020 CNV set out their ambition to position themselves as a fresh, contemporary trade union that stands by your side in society. CNV was asking itself a number questions like: How do we bring this out in our content? And how do we draw the attention of the Dutch public to this? It quickly became clear that a digital strategy was needed in order to create the most impact. Of course we were happy to assist CNV on this!


In order to achieve an increase in the number of members and to create more awareness of the new branding, we worked with CNV to design a new digital strategy. A core part of this strategy was to build up a digital structure where we could use paid media channels to communicate personally in an extremely relevant way with the various target groups. CNV Connectief is a trade union that represents the interests of people in government, teaching and the public sector. As you can imagine, the topics of interest for a doctor are totally different to the topics of interest for a maths teacher. That is why the most important starting point was to develop paid media campaigns where both the message and the look & feel were targeted at appealing to the right audience and at sharing the most relevant topic.

To be able to achieve this, we worked with CNV to develop jointly a targeted content schedule for each audience, we worked daily on setting up and monitoring campaigns on digital channels, we used search advertising to ensure we could pinpoint each audience correctly and we checked continuously how we could best bring the content we had developed to the attention of the target audience.


CNV Connectief - Good Work!

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Sion de Jong

Sion de Jong

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