How we use a high-end data-warehouse to achieve all-round business-analytics and marketing performance to generate more users, conversion and revenue.

The challenge

Campercontact is the app for motorhome enthusiasts in Europe. They already have over a million users on their platform. Through the app, every camper is provided with all the information about camper locations and camper routes in Europe. The advanced environment in which campers search, evaluate, and reserve locations generates valuable data for Campercontact. To achieve further growth and added value for users, Campercontact is seeking insights based on customer journeys and accurate financial analyses. Additionally, this user data is highly relevant for cutting-edge marketing automation flows.

Our approach

We have implemented a new, modern data stack with a data warehouse at the core. We have also added high-quality dashboarding and structured the marketing automation application to achieve the goals of Campercontact as effectively as possible. By incorporating modern frameworks like Fivetran and DBT, Campercontact is able to centralize and utilise data in a clear and reliable manner. This ensures that there is always one up-to-date truth.

Huidige infrastructuur CC Grotere text

Relevant Insights

Based on this modern data stack, we use dashboarding to quickly gain insights into the customer journey and financial situation of Campercontact. These insights are directly used for management control and reporting purposes. They are also used to demonstrate the value of the Campercontact platform to partners.

(The data in this visual is replaced with fake, generated data)

Marketing performance

The available and generated data from the cloud infrastructure is directly used to engage with app users in a highly personalized and relevant manner. Through smart automations, we have positively influenced the customer journey and increased conversions. For example, the flow on the right side triggers users via email to purchase a PRO license based on specific app activities. With this single hyper-relevant email, Campercontact achieved a conversion rate of over 4% in additional purchases of a PRO license, resulting in €2,500 of yearly recurring revenue in the first few days.

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The result

The result of our efforts is that Campercontact now has more control over their business, real-time visibility into their financial situation, and targets customers more effectively through marketing campaigns. As a result, they have experienced higher revenues and a more steerable organization. With the implementation of this high-quality data warehouse, the associated dashboards, and marketing automation flows, Campercontact is ready for the future to maximize business acceleration.


Integrated systems


Connected source-tables


Dashboards with SaaS-metrics and Customer Journey insights


Clear truth, through systematic data-centralization and control


Open rate for cusomter journey driven campaigns


Extra PRO-licences sold through one customer journey driven campaign

"For Campercontact, as a SaaS scale-up, leveraging data is crucial to effectively support our users and grow our business. It is essential to be agile, to keep improving, and maintain a strong connection with our users.

With Techonomy, this is always possible because they work quickly and flexibly, and they possess extensive knowledge in data, digital, and marketing that is both broad and deep. This combination enables us to maximize the value of data for Campercontact and our users. "

Jorian Keij

Jorian Keij

CEO Campercontact

About Campercontact

Campercontact is an international platform with motorhome locations. Visitors can search through nearly 40,000 locations in 58 countries and to find locations and routes. The community (over one million users worldwide) can add new locations themselves and write reviews for existing locations. Moderators verify the submissions of new locations and ensure the best and reliable camper adventures.


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