Meet the marketing specialists at Techonomy. Working from SX Eindhoven, our enthusiastic professional specialists ensure growth in a variety of sectors. See the Techonomy team below. Each team member works from the basis of his or her specialism in marketing campaigns, marketing automation, IT infrastructure design, data science and artificial intelligence. Do you have any queries or would you like more information? If so, please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

 - Louis Weijers

Louis Weijers

Digital Marketeer
 - Sanne Janssen

Sanne Janssen

Senior Project Manager
 - Niels van Heesch

Niels van Heesch

Digital Marketeer
 - Arno de Kloet

Arno de Kloet

Innovation Director
 - Tom van den Boom

Tom van den Boom

Marketing Director
 - Gijs van Puijenbroek

Gijs van Puijenbroek

Strategy Director
 - Peter Sprenger

Peter Sprenger

 - Daan Luttik

Daan Luttik

Data Scientist & AI
 - Sanne Krist

Sanne Krist

Digital Marketeer
 - Christiaan van der Velden

Christiaan van der Velden

Digital Marketeer
 - Andy Berendsen

Andy Berendsen

Chief Technology Officer
 - Luc Wentholt

Luc Wentholt

Manager Finance
 - Jasper Snelders

Jasper Snelders

Digital Marketeer
 - Mike Mulders

Mike Mulders

Digital Marketing Manager
 - Damian Fran├žois

Damian Fran├žois

Business Director
 - Sion de Jong

Sion de Jong

Operations Director
 - Mark van Wijnen

Mark van Wijnen

Manager Football
 - Robin Sweegers

Robin Sweegers

Esports/gaming Manager
 - Casper Timmers

Casper Timmers

Digital Marketeer
 - Anouk van Gent

Anouk van Gent

Digital Marketeer
 - Michiel van Rijn van Alkemade

Michiel van Rijn van Alkemade

Partnership Manager
 - Ingmar Bos

Ingmar Bos

Digital Content Marketeer
 - Jochem Folkersma

Jochem Folkersma

Digital marketeer
 - Matthijs Donker

Matthijs Donker

 - Colin Noteboren

Colin Noteboren

Digital Marketeer
 - Bob Perik

Bob Perik

Solutions Architect
 - Mart Dumoulin

Mart Dumoulin

esports/gaming marketeer
 - Yothi Jakhari

Yothi Jakhari

Financieel administratief medewerker
 - Jules Raijer

Jules Raijer

Marketing editor
 - Phil Roothans

Phil Roothans

Digital marketeer
 - Wesley Romeijnders

Wesley Romeijnders

Digital marketeer
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